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Children's Day Celebration 2014

14th of November every year is observed as Children's Day everywhere in our country. “Children are like buds in a garden and should be carefully and lovingly nurtured, as they are the future of the nation and the future of tomorrow”. - Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. It was Pundit Nehru's dream that all the children of the nation must be educated. In memory of this great leader and to honor his love for children, November 14 is celebrated in India as Children’s day.

Rehab India Foundation celebrated Children’s Day with the underprivileged children.

Children’s Day celebration in New Delhi 

Jasola: General Secretary of Rehab India Foundation, Mr. Afsel Chandrankandy celebrated Children's day gleefully with the children of Jasola Tuition Center. The program was organised by Mr. Nur Alam, Field Officer. Mr. Syed Anwar - MCJ Coordinator, Field Officers Mr. Neuman and Mr. Nur Alam, Mr. Sirajuddin MCJ Student and teachers of Rehab Community Center were present on the occasion. The gathering was welcomed by Field officer Mr. Nur Alam.

Mr. Afsel Chandrankandy encouraged the children with his inspirational speech. He also sang rhymes and shared some wise cracks with the children. Mr. Syed Anwar - MCJ Coordinator and Field Officer Mr. Neuman advised the children to come up in their lives. Cultural event was also conducted. The students of the Tuition centre actively participated in singing rhymes, saying poems, dancing etc. The students of the Tuition centre celebrated the Children’s Day cheerfully. They were very happy upon celebrating the Children’s Day with Rehab team members.

Celebration in Andhra Pradesh / Telungana

Nandamuri Nagar: Children’s Day was celebrated enthusiastically in Nandamuri Nagar’s Rehab Community centre. Mr. S. Abdulla - Headmaster of Urdu Aided School, Nandamuri Nagar, Mr. P. Idris khan – Popular Front of India was invited as the Chief Guests of the occasion.

The Chief Guest shared their thoughts about Children’s Day with the children. They also explained the children on the importance and necessity of primary education. Cultural activities like singing rhymes, poem saying, musical chair etc. were organized. Prizes were distributed to the winners of the events. Field officer Mr. Muhammed Hussain organized the function well. 30 students actively participated in the event. The celebration was concluded with distributing sweets.

Nizzamuddin Colony: The occasion was celebrated joyfully by the children. Various games like lemon and the spoon, musical chair, hop race were conducted. Drawing, singing, rhymes competition were also organized. Best performers were awarded with prizes. Around 80 students were participated in this programme. Mr. S. Mubeen, Rehab VDP in-charge gave a motivational speech on the necessity of primary education. The Programme was concluded with sweet distribution of sweets.

Eidgah: In Eidgah of Andhra Pradesh, the occasion was celebrated merrily by the children. Mr. S. Ahamedulla sharif VDP in-charge gave a speech on children’s day. Cultural activities were also conducted. Prizes were distributed to students who performed well. Around 65 students actively participated in our programme. The celebration was concluded with sweets distribution.

Holagundha: As a part of children’s day celebration, various cultural activities were conducted in holagundha. MR. Hamid-Popular front of India, Adoni division President was invited as the Chief Guest of the day. He delivered an inspirational speech on Primary Education, Indian history & our culture. Through his speech, he motivated the students to study well in order to develop our country. Prizes were distributed to the best performer in studies & games. Around 140 students actively participated in the event. Sweets were distributed to all the students at the end of the function.

Nandavaram: In Nandavaram of Andhra Pradesh, various programmes such as singing, musical chair, hop race, essay writing, drawing competition were conducted. Prizes were distributed to students who perform well both in studies & cultural activities. Mr. Muhammed Hussain, Secretary, Popular Front of India, AP, was the Chief Guest. He gave a motivational speech about the student’s role in the development of a country & necessity of education in human life. In addition, 35 school bags were distributed to the needy students. Programme was concluded with the speech of Mr. Bakthair, VDP in-charge. Around 130 students actively participated in the celebration. Sweets were distributed to all of them.

Celebration in Haryana 

Kalinjar: Children’s Day was celebrated in Kalinjar in Mewat, Haryana. Sports competition such as Kabadi, Running race etc and memory games were conducted. 50 Students actively participated in the sports activities. Teachers and Parents were also present in the celebration. Prizes and sweets were disbursed at the end of the function. The program was well organized by Field Officer Mr. Jiaul Hoque.

Celebration in Assam

Salbari: Children’s Day was celebrated at Salbari Community centre in Bongaigaon of Assam joyfully. Games and competition such as musical chair, running race, frog race etc were conducted for the children. All the children participated in the competitions enthusiastically. Prizes, notebooks, pens, etc were disbursed at the end of the celebration.

3 no. Jaraguri: In 3 no. Jaraguri of Assam, the occasion was celebrated merrily by the children. Various competition such as running race, kabadi, badminton etc were conducted. Prizes were distributed to the students who perform well. 180 students participated in the celebration.

Celebration in West Bengal 

Mohaldapara: The Children’s Day was celebrated in the Mohaldapara community centre. Mr. Wakib – MSW – 2nd Year Student, Mr. Sultan – MSW – 1st year student, Mr. Salim – Village committee member, and Mr. Manirul – Village committee in – charge were present in the programme. Competitions for singing patriotic songs, Gaazal, poem & dramatics were organized. 82 children participated in the programme enthusiastically. Prizes were given to the winners. Chocolates were disbursed at the end of the programme. The occasion was concluded with vote of thanks by Mr. Wakib.

Dhumpara: The occasion was celebrated in the Dhumpara community centre. Mr.Mustafijur – MSW – 2nd Year Student organized the programme. 80 children participated in competitions like Gaazal and poem recitation. Prizes were given to the winners. Chocolates were disbursed at the end of the occasion.

Kohitpur: The celebration was held in Kohitpur community centre. 62 children participated in the celebration. Mr. Shaidul – MSW – 1st Year Student, Community Teachers Mr. Rahoof and Mr. Barik and village committee members were were present in the programme.

Celebration in Rajasthan:

Talera: 50 students and few parents participated in the Children’s day celebration held in the Rehab community centre of Talera. Sports competition like kabadi, running race etc and memory quizzes were organized. Field Officer Mr. Kamaluddin distributed the prizes to the winners of the competition. Sweets were disbursed at the end of the celebration. The entire programme was organized well by Field Officer Mr. Nur Alam.

Pundit Nehru on knowing the importance of education to children of our country included and highlighted the point in his five years plan that every child in India would get free and compulsory primary education. Over thousands of schools were built throughout the villages of India when he was in power.

In the present situation of our country, we cannot hide the fact that many children in India are not getting basic privileges like education. Many children are earning money instead of playing with toys.

Children's Day celebration is the tribute to childhood. John Kennedy, 35th US president has quoted it rightly, “Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”.

The true essence of children's day is to understand the significance of childhood and support the children with what they actually need in their life. Rehab India Foundation is striving hard to support the children and working towards creating child friendly society, where all children are free from exploitation and receive quality education.

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