Friday, 28 September 2012

Rehab Distributed Relief Material in 46 Refugee Camps of Dhubri District

Guwahati, 28 Sep: Rehab India Foundation has distributed 3.42 Lacks relief material during the initial period of Phase-III of Relief Program in Assam. Third Phase began on 19th Sep with the distribution of worth 1.34 Lack utensils, baby food and clothes collectively. From 23rd Sep to 25th Sep, volunteers of Rehab distributed relief material to 576 victims residing in 46 Refugee Camps of District Dhubri.

During the 1st & 2nd Phase, the Organization focused on fulfillment of basic amenities such as distribution of clothes, utensils, polybags, free medicine, candles, shelter, fuel etc. Since the outbreak of the ethnic violence, Rehab has spent more than Rs.10 Lakhs for relief activities in the affected areas and in relief camps.

According to survey conducted by the Team Rehab, 99160 victims of 129 camps out of 171 camps are in grave need of basic things like food, cloths, clean drinking water & toilets.

Observing such pathetic situation, Delhi based Civil Society Organization; Rehab is committed to provide humanitarian services to the people at large in the relief camps.  Rehab will initiate a 24 X 7 Mobile Health Unit for the people living in camps. Popular Front of India has also joined hands with us for supporting the cause and has pledged Rs.50 lakhs for scaling up the activities.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Rehab India Foundation: About Us

Rehab India Foundation, the Social Development Organization was found on the 17th Day of March 2008 by the people of different States, dedicated to the development and the empowerment of deprived, irrespective of their religion, gender, color and political affiliation. It has its operation in Delhi, U.P., Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Manipur, and West Bengal and in Rajasthan.

An equitable society where people are free from poverty and illiteracy

To provide basic amenities equally to all human at large and contribute in the holistic development of the society so that everybody has equal access to education, livelihood, better health and economic opportunity.


  • Assam Flood Relief Programme
  • Assam Calamity Relief Programme
  • Assam Model Village Project for Victims of Ethnic Violence
  • Rehab's Village Development project
  • MSW Scholarships Programme
  • Educare Programmes
  • SHG & Self-Employment Programmes
  • Qurbani Food Kits Distribution Programme
  • Drinking Water Project