Thursday, 3 September 2015

Rehab Qurbani Appeal 2015

Eid-ul-Azha: A feast of sacrifice in Islam, is one of the most important Islamic festivals. This festival is observed and celebrated as a Festival of Sacrifice by Muslims all over the world. When some people are spending lavishly on these festivals, there are people who cannot afford to celebrate the festival, who cannot wear good dress and eat good food. Life is hard when food is hard to come by. In fact 842 million people in the world do not have enough to eat.

Needless to say, a grand part of Eid - ul- Adha is making sacrifices for the poor and needy. During Eid-ul-Azha 2014, Rehab India Foundation distributed Qurbani food kits among impoverished people. With joy & gaiety, Rehab celebrated Eid with 76,362 families in seventeen States of India, including flood affected Kashmir.We disbursed 78,606 Qurbani food kits in 953 villages situated in 103 districts of 17 states across our country. 3,69,648 impoverished people were benefited.

The event in Kashmir has created an environment of displeasure and horror. Being displaced by flood, losing their dear ones, their homes, it is not easy for them to lead a happy life. Celebrations are far beyond words. The environment was not much conducive for them to celebrate the festival. It is always hard to celebrate after loss of life and unfortunate events. Everything was swept with hardly anything left for them. Rehab took much effort in order to help the people of Kashmir to celebrate the festival with the food aid packages. 

The result of this campaign is the poor families who were unable to eat good food (Meat) at the occasion of Eid or any other festival due to destitution, were able to eat good food at the festival. The poor families were able to feed their children during the festival. There cannot be a festival with no proper food. Food is an important part of celebration.
Beneficiaries on receiving the food kits were overwhelmed and expressed their heartiest thanks and gratitude to Rehab India Foundation for the gesture.

Rajasthan: On receiving the food kit Mr. Fazalur Rahman, a tea master said, “Rehab India Foundation is always there to attend the needs of the poor and needy people. They are doing good deed. Through this initiative, the poor people are celebrating the festival happily. We expect this to be continued”.

“When people are celebrating Eid happily with their families, we can see Rehab team disbursing qurbani food kits door by door to spread happiness in poor families. May God bless your lives with happiness” praised Mr. Shabeer and his wife Mrs. Shabana.
Delhi: Extremely delighted on receiving the food kits, Mrs. Ruhi who lives in a small hut said, “My husband does not have any occupation. He simply collect plastics and other garbage and sell it to the scrap dealer. With that money we try to console our hunger. The food kit from Rehab helped us to celebrate the festival with utmost satisfaction”.

“My son is working in a mechanic shop. We did not have sufficient income to celebrate the festival with delightful dishes. Nevertheless, with Rehab’s qurbani kit, we were able to eat contently” said Mrs. Maryam.
Mehrouli, South Delhi: Mrs. Soofiyakhatoon said, “I was expecting that someone may give meat with which I can celebrate the festival. I was disappointed that nobody gave me qurbani meat. Nevertheless, Rehab gave me sufficient qurbani kit, with that I was able to celebrate my festival delightfully”.

Mrs. Zubaidha and Sakeena said, “Nobody will be coming here to disburse food kits. With the food kits from Rehab we are able to enjoy the festival heartily. Our extreme thanks to Rehab India Foundation”.

Uttar Pradesh: Mrs. Rabbi of 65 years is in the final stages of life living in Barabanki district. Her husband passed away several years ago. She has worked in the farms to satisfy her hunger. "Several months have passed by; I am filling my stomach only with the vegetables available. I was able to have good food and meat during festivals because of Rehab. I was able to celebrate the festival happily”.

Mr. Rafique is of age 50. There are 8 members in his family. He is the only bread winner of the family. Rafique said "By sharing the food kits during the festival of Eid Rehab was there to share my pain and labour. We were able to celebrate the festival gleefully”.

Manipur: 60 years old Mr. Anjab Ali thanked Rehab for the food packets. He said, “With the food packets we received, we are able to eat good food atleast during festivals”.
Mrs. Hajira Bee, 50 years old widow said, “I am very happy to receive the qurbani kits. I was worried on how to celebrate the festival. Rehab made it easy for me”.

Those who are benefited with this Qurbani food kits are among the most vulnerable in their communities included widows, orphans, the elderly, internally displaced persons and the needy. We prioritized the most vulnerable families ensuring the food aids reached those who need it the most.
When disbursing these Qurbani food kits to communities in need, we are sharing something truly special with them. Rehab through this Qurbani Food kit programme, helped those who really need it and have made it easy for them and has given hand to them in celebrating the festival enthusiastically.

When meat is a part of nutrition and daily food for some people, it is an expensive treat that is enjoyed mainly on special occasions for others. Many people cannot afford for this expensive food even during special occasions and festivals. To make it easy for them and help these poor people to celebrate the festival cheerfully with their family, we disbursed this food aid kits with best fine quality meat.
Rehab India Foundation has implemented many projects and programmes to uplift the life of people belonging to marginal sectors and help them to lead a prosperous life. This Qurbani Food Aid Programme is one among them.

A/c Name : Rehab India Foundation
A/c No : 09231450000033
Bank Name : HDFC Bank
Branch Name : Jasola
IFSC Code : HDFC0000923

Contact - Mr. Rahoof - 9990608904

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