Saturday, 29 December 2012

Free Medical Aid at Nandavaram Village, AP

Kurnool: Rehab India Foundation organised medical camp for destitute and marginalised community people of Nandavaram Village in Kurnool District, A.P dated on 20th Dec 2012.

The camp was led by doctor T. Hussein (BHMS). He diagnosed and medicated 80 patients who were suffering from different diseases.

All over, the residents of the area highly appreciated the endeavours of Rehab India Foundation providing relief to the ailing patients and suggested more camps in future.

Friday, 28 December 2012

Rehab India foundation Organizes Medical camp at Nandamuri Nagar, AP

Kurnool: 180 underprivileged patients living in Nandamuri Nagar Village have benefited from free health check-ups, consultations and medicines at a free medical camp conducted at the community centre of Rehab India Foundation in Nandamuri Nagar Village of Kurnool District, A.P.

Insaffudhin, Project Manager Rehab India Foundation said, “The camp is an ongoing effort to reach out to the low-income villagers and provide them with free healthcare services.”

The camp was led by doctor Saifullah (BHMS). He advised poor villagers to keep their surrounding clean for healthy life.

The health camp is part of an ongoing programme running under Village Development Project, which ensures that the needy are able to avail free treatment.

145 poor villagers of Nizamudheen Colony get free treatment

Kurnool 23rd Dec 2012: Rehab India Foundation organized medical camp at Rehab community centre located in Nizamudheen Colony of Kurnool District, A.P.

Poor people who are not having enough resources got free treatment by a renewed doctor Padhma Kumar (M.S.Ophthal). He diagnosed the patients by providing health care solutions. Total 145 patients attended free medical advice and medicine by the doctor.  

Apart from medical aid, the other objective of the camp service is to bring awareness among the community people regarding basic health problems, infectious diseases, hygiene and preventive measure.

Recommendation letter by Govt. of Assam for Medicine and Sanitation Material

Rehab diagnoses 106 patients at dental check up and awareness camp

Rehab India Foundation organized Free Dental Check-up and awareness camp at Rehab Community Centre located in Vallinokkam of Ramanadapuram District, Tamil Nadu on 18th Dec 2012.
The programme was initiated with the dental awareness talk, educating people about common dental infection, particularly tooth decay and gum diseases.

Both the BDS doctors naming Shajahan and Jemisha najmudheen provide comprehensive diagnosis with latest diagnostic and therapeutic facilities. Total 106 patients who were neither able to afford nor having any basic knowledge regarding dental health and hygiene get free treatment. 36 patients who were having problem of teeth decay diagnosed and medicated properly.  

‘Patient card’ was given to every patient with a summary of diagnosed problem and recommended treatment plan. On the bases of requirement, free medicines were given to the patients.

Half Yearly Report: April 2012-Sep 2012

(Padosi) SHG Phase-II

Rehab India Foundation is tackling national poverty by self sustaining micro finance initiative for women in rural areas to start business to support their families.

Advocate Shaik Sayyid Babu inaugurated phase II of Padosi SHG programme with the announcement of interest free loan for 15 new members of self help group at Anandpeta Village of Guntur District, A.P dated on 18th Dec 2012.

The objective of the programme is to make deprived women self sufficient and self reliant so that they can contribute in the wholesome development of their families.

During Phase I, Rehab distributed interest free loan to 15 women for initiating petty shops, vegetable corners, tailoring shops etc. For wholesome development of women, Rehab India Foundation organized moral classes where they could learn how to control their expenditure for future investment. Regular weekly meetings were conducted with self help group members, discussed their challenges and collected the repayments by the members who have availed loan for initiating their micro business.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Free Nilavembu Kashayam Medicine for Dengu Positives

Ramnad, Dec 1 2012: Rehab India Foundation organized medical camp for the poor and needy at Rehab Community Centre, fisherman Colony in Vallinokkam Village, Tamil Nadu dated on Dec1st 2012-12-1.

The health camp was organized with the objective of dealing with the queries of patients and providing treatment to seasonal, chronic and longstanding diseases.

The event started with a function and Inaugaration of camp done by Mr.R.Durai, Police inspector, Sikkal. The camp was presided by Mr. H. Habeeb Nawas, District president, Popular Front of India.  Mr. P. Baskaran, Sub-inspector, Valinokkam, Mr. T. Rajasekaran, Health inspector were also presented during the function.

The persons who were suffering from fever and headache recommended for ELISA TEST. Mr. Mohammed Sheriff Sait, District secretary, SDPI inaugurated the vaccination programme. The Dengu test was taken by Dhanaya clinical lab, attached to Ramani hospitals, Ramanathapuram.  And the persons with Dengu symptoms were given Nilavembu kashayam, a medicine, recommended by Tamil Nadu Govt. health department for preventing Dengu fever. 

More than 4000 patients got benefit of medical facilities given by Rehab India Foundation. Prescribed medicines were given free of charge to the patients. 

The volunteers and social organizers generated awareness on keeping a clean environment and eliminating breeding grounds of mosquitos which can be water containers at home or surroundings. 

Community people were informed that what dengu is, how it affects and what the precautionary measures are. Dengu positives were guided to take more fluid like coconut water, water, fruit juices etc.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Rehab unveils Tailoring Training Programme for neglected and downtrodden Women in Bansibari Village, Bihar

Katihar, 4th Dec 2012: Rehab India Foundation organized Vocational Training Programme in Tailoring for adolescents and women from low socio-economic communities in Bansibari Village of Block Hasanganj in District Katihar, Bihar.

The purpose of the program is to develop skills to a level of professionalism that women will feel dignity and sense of worth.

Sajid M.S, Project Manager of Rehab India Foundation said, “These women and girls are from socially neglected families. They are extremely poor and have no skills to improve their status. They are kept in home for domestic help. The programme gives them freedom and respect because in future they will be able to earn for themselves and their families.”

For the programme, trained and skilled trainer has appointed. And, trainees will learn drafting, cutting, stitching and designing of outfits. Training equipments like sewing machines, scissors, inches tape etc. has purchased. Including, Trainees will avail all the necessary raw material free of cost during the training session.
Vocational Training Programme is part of Village Development Project running in Bansibadi Village. Rehab has established Community Centre in a temporary building which is made of Bamboo and Husk.

Briefly, the condition of the village is unexpectedly poor. People are dependent on agriculture and animal husbandry for their livelihood. After all possible efforts, they are able to earn maximum Rs. 1500 pm which is not sufficient to fulfill basic amenities. Health is also one of the major issues. Children, women and old age are suffering from various diseases and unable to get proper treatment. There is only one Primary Hospital that is 3km away. Percentage of educated people is also in descending order. 271 children are getting Primary Education, while 17 students are acquiring Secondary Education. However, six people are getting Higher Education.

Analyzing miserable condition of poor villagers, Rehab India Foundation planned to unlock Village Development programme for wholesome development of the village. Here, different welfare initiatives will be taken place like Educare Programme, Medical Aid, Skill Development Training and Self Employment Programme.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Rehab India Foundation Organises Parents Meeting in Hajjipara

For generating awareness on importance of Education, Rehab India Foundation organized Parents Meeting in the Tuition Centre established in Hajjipara Village of Behrampore Block in Murshidabad District, West Bengal at 3.00 PM dated on 27th Nov 2012.

In the meeting, 25 parents were participated and general discussion was held on how education standard can be improved in a cost effective manner.
Akbar and Ashfaq, Field Officers of Rehab India Foundation shared simple and easy tips encouraging children to go to school for better lifestyle.

During the Programme, Topics were discussed like enrolment of drop outs in Government Schools, Scholarships for deprived children, after school programme opportunities, post high school options and much more.

During the last session of the programme, Parents shared their problems like why their kids left school and what are the causes that they are unable to support education among their children.

Overall programme was good and satisfactory. It was an interactive session where volunteers of Rehab and Parents of children actively participated and shared their views.

Sunday, 2 December 2012


Kurnool, 29th Nov 2012: For facilitating Medical Aid to poor, marginalized and other vulnerable groups, Rehab India Foundation organized Medical Camp in Nandavaram Village of Block Yemmignur in District Kurnool, A.P.

The camp was arranged with the help of Government Primary Health Center in Nandavaram led by experienced MBBS Doctor Named Sunitha, two nurses and one health officer.

Detailing, Health Care support is one of the important pillar of Village Development Project in Nandavaram Village. In this Village, Rehab is running Tuition Centre and is planning to unlock Self Employment Programme as condition of people is worse in terms of education, health care support and employment.

In a nutshell, Rehab achieves its objective to facilitate medical aid to the disadvantaged people of Nandavaram. Volunteers of Rehab generate awareness on bacterial, viral and seasonal diseases. They did group discussion with Community People and suggested them how to live happy and healthy life. 

Rehab Organizes Medical Camp in Dhumpara

Dhumpara, 28th November 2012: In order to provide medical help to the people living in Dhumpara village and people of adjoining areas, Rehab India Foundation organized medical camp that witnessed a huge influx of patients from rural areas of Dhumpara. The people of village including old aged women and men, young boys and girls, and children received medical assistance in the camp and acknowledged the role of Rehab.

90 patients got check-up, consultation and medicine by a team of experienced Doctor. He advised community people not to chew tobacco and smoke Bidi, Hukka and Cigarette. He told harmful effects of chewing tobacco and smoking. 

During the program, useful information on T.B, Dengu, Oral Cancer and HIV/AIDS were disseminated by team of Rehab India Foundation. People were told that how they can keep themselves away from diseases.

“We are highly thankful to Rehab and its volunteers  organized this medical camp for the poor and downtrodden people neglected by government and civil administration as we are unable to get medical treatment because there are no proper medical facilities available.” , said one of the resident of the Village.

Mr. Nishad, Project Manager, East Zone who coordinated the camp said that Rehab will continue its support and assistance for providing healthcare with other basic amenities of life to people under Village development project in the particular area.”

Rehab Organizes Medical camps in Shrikrishnapur village, Murshidabad

Murshidabad, November 27:  Rehab India Foundation organised medical camp at Shrikrishnapur village, Murshidabad Disrict, West Bengal on Tuesday 27th November 2012.  The camp was organized to provide free medical services to all communities especially the minority, SC/ST, Dalit and other neglected groups in and around Shrikrishnapur village.

Over 50 people turned up for the camp; All were treated and some cases referred to Nearest Hospitals, the organization took the responsibility of providing all necessary logistics including Medicines/Drugs, consultancy services  etc for the patients . In addition, Medical test for blood pressure, BMI (Body Mass Index), ENT and other various tests were carried out during the program.

The volunteers and social organizers used the camp as an opportunity to raise awareness on basic medical issues, hygienic and unhygienic behaviours, and preventative health care. The villagers responded positively to the discussions and expressed their appreciation that an effort was being made to bring attention to such issues. It was also a chance for Rehab to collect data on the health status of the villages and the main concerns of the people in that area. 

Overall, the medical camps ran smoothly and were deemed a success by all involved.  Rehab is immensely grateful to qualified and experienced Doctors and other volunteers for volunteering their time and professional expertise. The volunteers also did an excellent job in organizing and maintaining the medical camps.

“We hope to continue this work to reach the many thousands of people who still need medical treatment and access to other basic necessities of life. We will also continue to mobilize the communities and advocate for their rights. Overall, people were happy and showed their full support for implementation of other programmes of Rehab India Foundation. ’’, Said Mr. Nishad, Coordinator, Medical camp.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Rehab Organizes Medical Camp in Solva Village, West Bengal

Murshidabad, 27th Nov 2012: Rehab India Foundation organized Medical Camp for minority, SC/ST, Dalit and other neglected groups on Tuesday in Solva Village of Block Harihar Para in District Murshidabad, West Bengal.

The purpose of the camp is to provide an opportunity for underprivileged children, adult and senior citizen to avail medical checkup, medicines and consultancy services. 60 patients who were neither able to afford nor having any basic knowledge regarding health and hygiene got treatment by an experienced practitioner named Amenul Haque Biswa.

During the program, useful information on general and personal health & hygiene was disseminated by team of Rehab India Foundation. People were told that how they can keep themselves away from diseases.

In addition, Medical test for blood pressure, BMI (Body Mass Index), ENT and other various tests were carried out during the program.

In a nutshell, Rehab India Foundation implemented the program successfully. Volunteers of Rehab distributed their contact numbers for any medical emergency. They also told other activities which will be soon unlock during Village Development Programme in Solva Village.

Rehab Organizes Health Camp in Hajjipara Village

Murshidabad: Incepted in 2008, Rehab India Foundation organized Health Camp under Village Development Project for deprived, marginalized and other weaker sections of Hajjipara Village in Behrampore Taluk of District Murshidabad, West Bengal dated on 27th November 2012.

50 patients got check-up, consultation and medicine by an experienced MBBS Doctor named Mustafa. He advised community people not to chew tobacco and smoke Bidi and Cigarette. He told harmful effects of chewing tobacco and smoking. 

Including, he advised to have balance diet like green vegetables and iron and protein rich diet. Children were motivated for their personal health and hygiene. 

Volunteers of Rehab generated awareness on cleaning of hands, cutting of nails, combing, cleaning of eyes and nose and other general tips for healthy life.

Overall, programme was greatly appreciated by old age and other community people.  People were happy and showed their full support for implementation of other programmes of Rehab India Foundation.