Sunday, 2 December 2012

Rehab Organizes Medical camps in Shrikrishnapur village, Murshidabad

Murshidabad, November 27:  Rehab India Foundation organised medical camp at Shrikrishnapur village, Murshidabad Disrict, West Bengal on Tuesday 27th November 2012.  The camp was organized to provide free medical services to all communities especially the minority, SC/ST, Dalit and other neglected groups in and around Shrikrishnapur village.

Over 50 people turned up for the camp; All were treated and some cases referred to Nearest Hospitals, the organization took the responsibility of providing all necessary logistics including Medicines/Drugs, consultancy services  etc for the patients . In addition, Medical test for blood pressure, BMI (Body Mass Index), ENT and other various tests were carried out during the program.

The volunteers and social organizers used the camp as an opportunity to raise awareness on basic medical issues, hygienic and unhygienic behaviours, and preventative health care. The villagers responded positively to the discussions and expressed their appreciation that an effort was being made to bring attention to such issues. It was also a chance for Rehab to collect data on the health status of the villages and the main concerns of the people in that area. 

Overall, the medical camps ran smoothly and were deemed a success by all involved.  Rehab is immensely grateful to qualified and experienced Doctors and other volunteers for volunteering their time and professional expertise. The volunteers also did an excellent job in organizing and maintaining the medical camps.

“We hope to continue this work to reach the many thousands of people who still need medical treatment and access to other basic necessities of life. We will also continue to mobilize the communities and advocate for their rights. Overall, people were happy and showed their full support for implementation of other programmes of Rehab India Foundation. ’’, Said Mr. Nishad, Coordinator, Medical camp.


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