Thursday, 23 October 2014

Community Center Inauguration in Sonia Gandhi Colony

Rehab India Foundation celebrated the grand opening of Community center situated in Sonia Gandhi Colony of Gulbarga district in Karnataka as part of village development programme. The ribbon cutting ceremony for this community center was held on 22nd October 2014. There was an inauguration rally by the children, followed by the ribbon cutting ceremony. Mr. Moulana Us,man Baigh Rashadi, National president - All India Imams Council, was the Guest of Honor for the inauguration function. Many villagers, women and children participated in this program. Mr. Abdul Haleem Ilahi - Project Coordinator, Mr. Insafudheen - Project Manager, South Zone, Mr. Shahid Nazeer -State Council Member, Mr. Mohammed Volavoor - State Convener were also present during the ceremony.
Mr. Moulana Usman Baigh in his speech highlighted about present status of Muslims and Dalits in India. He stressed the need for implementing good, effective projects and people participation in improving their community. He also said that every community can achieve advancement only through education and complemented Rehab India Foundation for taking necessary initiatives in educating the community. He appreciated the idea of planting trees in Sonia Gandhi Colony by Rehab team. He also appreciated Rehab team for selecting the village and wished us success in our future endeavors. 

Mr. Insafudheen- Rehab south Project Manager explained the Rehab present works and project, its objectives and results. He also felicitated the people of the village for their cooperation and unity. Rehab’s future aim to start health care project, water project and economic development programme was also explained to the gathering.
In the course of time we also fixed our classes commencing date from 1st November 2014. The students were divided in three divisions such as drop out, illiterate and school going students from classes 1 to 7 respectively. We also would like to form a separate group for the students of class 10 and their parents, in order to give more attention, care and training for better results.
The ceremony was concluded successfully with the Vote of thanks by the Assistant Project Coordinator.

Community development plays a very important role in rural reconstruction. Our all-embracing approach ensures that through our programmes we support and reach out to diverse target groups from the marginalized sections of the society and help them lead a life of dignity. "In every community, there is work to be done. In every nation, there are wounds to heal. In every heart, there is the power to do it" - Marianne Williamson. Rehab India Foundation takes active part in healing the wounds of impoverished people, preserving and protecting their dignity. We are taking all the initiative steps in order to support them and ensuring that all their needs are satisfied. 

Parents Meeting in Talera Community Center

“A Child without Education is like a bird without wings”. There are many reasons for children for not going to school. They may have to walk a long distance to school, they may not have food to eat at home, and there might be no teacher and so on. Cost is one of the major obstacles of education. Many children go through life without gaining a proper education due to parents sending children to work in an attempt to bolster and supplement the household income. 

Talera, Rajasthan: It is necessary to bring awareness among the parents on the importance of educating their children. We conducted Parents Meeting and discussed with them regarding their ward’s regularity to the tuition centre. There were 13 parents participated in the meeting. Rehab Central Zone’s Field Officers, Mr. Kamaluddin and Mr. Nur Alam were also present.

Assessment Exam in Jasola Tuition Center

Education is a fundamental human right and vital in achieving economic growth, increasing income, and sustaining a healthy society. Education is important to improve lives.
“A Child without Education is like a bird without wings”. There are many reasons for children for not going to school. They may have to walk a long distance to school, they may not have food to eat at home, and there might be no teacher and so on. Cost is one of the major obstacles of education. Many children go through life without gaining a proper education due to parents sending children to work in an attempt to bolster and supplement the household income.

To address this problem, Rehab India Foundation is running free Tuition Centre, to make less privileged children competent enough to compete with the privileged. It is for young students who perform poorly in their academics and dropouts at the primary level and end up as laborers. It provides support for students to enroll in Tuition Centers to pursue their passion and bring out their talents. 

Jasolla, Delhi: First Internal Assessment. To assess the knowledge of the children on Moral Education, exam was conducted in the Jasolla Educare centre. 30 students took up the examination out of which, most of the children performed very well.    
This is a challenge that Rehab India Foundation takes head on and strives to educate or up skill the children, in order to make them educationally sound. We concentrate on the academic excellence.  We also give due consideration to extend our tuition centres as centres of holistic human development and to bring out the hidden talents and potentialities of our children. 

Eid-ul-Azha Mubarak

Dear Brothers & Sisters,
Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmathullahi Wa Barkathuhu.
On behalf of the Board of Trustees & Staff of Rehab India Foundation, I would like to convey our heartfelt Eid-ul-Azha Greetings to you. May the Almighty shower His choicest blessings upon you, your family and friends and grant us all happiness and joy on this auspicious occasion.
On this happiest occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, let us also remember those who are suffering and are in desperate need of help. On 2013, with joy & gaiety, Rehab celebrated Eid with 60,000 families in the North and North East India. As same like previous years, Rehab will be providing Qurbani kits across fourteen states in India including the flood affected regions of Kashmir, to the impoverished and needy people.  
 Our team on the ground will ensure that your donation goes far by distributing quality meat to our beneficiaries. Through our Qurbani programme we will ensure that they are able to enjoy the happy occasion of Eid-ul-Azha. We all share the joy that the poor and the needy will benefit immensely from this outstanding effort.
This has been made possible by the generous support of our donors. May the Almighty accept our efforts and reward all our donors and beneficiaries. This happy occasion is also an opportunity to express our deep appreciation and gratitude for the encouragement and support of all our donors and well wishers.
May the Almighty grant us all peace, prosperity, progress, and above all, the strength to work even harder to help the poor and the needy and to serve humanity with all the means He has granted to us.
May the Almighty be our constant Guide and Protector in all our future endeavors!
Eid-ul-Azha Mubarak.

E Abubacker
Rehab India Foundation

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Nizamuddin Colony celebrates first anniversary of Rehab's Village Development Programme (VDP)

On the occasion of completion of one-year into the Village Development Programme of Rehab India Foundation in Nizamuddin Colony, Rehab organised a get-together for the children and their folks in the village.

It was a day of fun and games. The kids were given a chance to speak about their experiences as well as their dreams. Rehab could successfully fulfil its aim was to motivate and build confidence the minds of these young citizens.

Participation: 64 students
Date: 22 December 2013
Nizamuddin colony lies in Adoni district, Kurnool region in Andhra Pradesh

Monday, 30 December 2013

Free medical health check-up for children in Assam

The theme of the medical camp was to take raise awareness and to create an alarm of safety habits to prevent children from contagious diseases. Other treatments incuded the common ailments, diarrhoea, fever & common cold.

Location: Community Centre, 3 No. Jaraguri, Assam
Date: 25 December 2013
Total patients treated: 90 children

Location: Community Centre, Joyma Camp, Assam
Date: 26 December 2013

Total patients treated: 57 children

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Voter ID Enrollment Awareness Drive in A.P

Rehab India Foundation  organized three day “Voter’s ID Enrollment Awareness Drive’’ in community center in Nandamuri Nagar of Nandyal District, A .P. on Nov 15,16 &17.
The program was initiated with the motive to support community (above 18 years) to fill form no 6 & 8.
Day 1:
Insafudheen, Programme Manager suggested youth who were above 18 to check name in voter list and shared with all the people that next two days Rehab team would give support to fill form 6 and 8.
Day 2 & 3:
Team collected 132 applications to apply for new Voter ID Cards and correction of name, address etc in the existing cards. During this event, almost everyone who was present appreciated Rehab members because private agencies were charging rupees hundred for the work that Rehab members were doing free of cost.
What is form 6 and 8?
Form 6 is used for enrolment of a new voter or to become a voter. It is also filed for the existing voters for change of address in any other place in the country.
Form 8 is referred for correction of any entry in the voter ID card such us mistakes in spelling of name, age or any other particular.