Monday, 30 December 2013

Free medical health check-up for children in Assam

The theme of the medical camp was to take raise awareness and to create an alarm of safety habits to prevent children from contagious diseases. Other treatments incuded the common ailments, diarrhoea, fever & common cold.

Location: Community Centre, 3 No. Jaraguri, Assam
Date: 25 December 2013
Total patients treated: 90 children

Location: Community Centre, Joyma Camp, Assam
Date: 26 December 2013

Total patients treated: 57 children

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Voter ID Enrollment Awareness Drive in A.P

Rehab India Foundation  organized three day “Voter’s ID Enrollment Awareness Drive’’ in community center in Nandamuri Nagar of Nandyal District, A .P. on Nov 15,16 &17.
The program was initiated with the motive to support community (above 18 years) to fill form no 6 & 8.
Day 1:
Insafudheen, Programme Manager suggested youth who were above 18 to check name in voter list and shared with all the people that next two days Rehab team would give support to fill form 6 and 8.
Day 2 & 3:
Team collected 132 applications to apply for new Voter ID Cards and correction of name, address etc in the existing cards. During this event, almost everyone who was present appreciated Rehab members because private agencies were charging rupees hundred for the work that Rehab members were doing free of cost.
What is form 6 and 8?
Form 6 is used for enrolment of a new voter or to become a voter. It is also filed for the existing voters for change of address in any other place in the country.
Form 8 is referred for correction of any entry in the voter ID card such us mistakes in spelling of name, age or any other particular.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Drinking Water Project in Rajasthan

One of the most serious problems in India is access to clean drinking water and sanitation. Nearly 226 million people in the Country do not have access to safe drinking water. 

If we compare water supply in rural and urban India, then half of the water supply is contaminated with toxic bacteria and in most of the rural areas even people do not have this option to enjoy. They have to walk mile during brutal cold, summer and spring to collect water for their household use and they do not have an idea the water that seems transparent is safe to consume or not.

To culminate this problem in the Bhanskadi Village in Jhalwar District of Rajasthan, we at the Rehab India Foundation installed hand pump for public use. 

Looking Back:

Earlier, there were two hand pumps in the village. Among them, one was not functioning. And, 300 families were dependent on one hand pump which was not sufficient. People had to queue for long to store water for drinking and household use. To curb the problem, Rehab installed another hand pump in the village.  

Monday, 16 December 2013

Inauguration of Borjumla Community Center

“I would like to share my gratitude to inaugurate Rehab Community Centre as it has contributed immensely in the village development process and I assure all who are present in the function that Panchayat will give all the possible support for Rehab’s programmes” asserted Samjad S K, Assistant Pradhan of Panchayat on the day of inauguration of Borjumla Community Centre.

The programme celebrated on Dec 15 much enthusiastically with the keen support of Rehab team and people of Borjumla. Overviewing, the village consist approx 3000 people and has limited resources. Major population is dependent on agriculture. There is only one school and healthcare centre with unsatisfactory services.

Meeting with Secretary of Rehab, Mohammed Remiz said “Before two years, the village was in worse condition. There were a number of problems those were directly or indirectly related to education and employment. The first step, we started free tuition classes in a temporary shed. Now we have gain people belief that’s why today we are able to establish fully equipped community centre and a large number of people are present to support us to channelize different programmes.”

Mr. Nishad, East Zone Project Manager shared his gratitude that Ms. Amina Begum, Activist from Murshidabad came to share stage with Rehab team, including Soukath Alam  (Field Officer), Mohd Saleem (Trainer Career Programme) and Mohd. Zakir (Community Coordinator).


Monday, 25 November 2013

ACCESS India Resource Person Workshop

Professor CT Sulaiman Access Director, Mr. Mohammed Rafi PFI National Coordinator, Mr. Safarullah Khan Access North Coordinator, Dr. Abdul Wahab Access South Coordinator trained trainers of ACCESS India Programme who came from Manipur, Assam, W.B, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Bihar.

Rehab is going to start ACCESS INDIA programme in different states of India. ACCESS means ‘Advance Center for Career Education and Social Service’. It is basically a programme where every important aspect of life would be touched, be career counselling, guardian awareness, student orientation, etiquettes, communication skills or pre-marital and post-marital counselling. This programme will be implemented in remote areas directly by Rehab team or in partnership with NGOs working in the same location.
The two day workshop for training of resource persons were organized in the Rehab Head Office, Abul Fazal, Delhi. Total 16 resource persons/trainers participated.

On 23rd Nov, Dr. Wahab gave training on setting of goal and the role and responsibilities of a dynamic person for family and community as whole. Prof C T Sulaiman shed light over importance of communication skills for personal and professional life.

On 24th Nov, Mr. Rafi explained PFI initiatives for community development in India. He also told that how PFI and Rehab would work together to achieve set goal. Mr. Safarullah Khan discussed why there is the need of guardian awareness programme. He said that it is quite important to educate or facilitate counseling to parents to maintain/build good relationship between parents and children.