Monday, 16 December 2013

Inauguration of Borjumla Community Center

“I would like to share my gratitude to inaugurate Rehab Community Centre as it has contributed immensely in the village development process and I assure all who are present in the function that Panchayat will give all the possible support for Rehab’s programmes” asserted Samjad S K, Assistant Pradhan of Panchayat on the day of inauguration of Borjumla Community Centre.

The programme celebrated on Dec 15 much enthusiastically with the keen support of Rehab team and people of Borjumla. Overviewing, the village consist approx 3000 people and has limited resources. Major population is dependent on agriculture. There is only one school and healthcare centre with unsatisfactory services.

Meeting with Secretary of Rehab, Mohammed Remiz said “Before two years, the village was in worse condition. There were a number of problems those were directly or indirectly related to education and employment. The first step, we started free tuition classes in a temporary shed. Now we have gain people belief that’s why today we are able to establish fully equipped community centre and a large number of people are present to support us to channelize different programmes.”

Mr. Nishad, East Zone Project Manager shared his gratitude that Ms. Amina Begum, Activist from Murshidabad came to share stage with Rehab team, including Soukath Alam  (Field Officer), Mohd Saleem (Trainer Career Programme) and Mohd. Zakir (Community Coordinator).


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