Thursday, 29 November 2012

Rehab Organizes Medical Camp in Solva Village, West Bengal

Murshidabad, 27th Nov 2012: Rehab India Foundation organized Medical Camp for minority, SC/ST, Dalit and other neglected groups on Tuesday in Solva Village of Block Harihar Para in District Murshidabad, West Bengal.

The purpose of the camp is to provide an opportunity for underprivileged children, adult and senior citizen to avail medical checkup, medicines and consultancy services. 60 patients who were neither able to afford nor having any basic knowledge regarding health and hygiene got treatment by an experienced practitioner named Amenul Haque Biswa.

During the program, useful information on general and personal health & hygiene was disseminated by team of Rehab India Foundation. People were told that how they can keep themselves away from diseases.

In addition, Medical test for blood pressure, BMI (Body Mass Index), ENT and other various tests were carried out during the program.

In a nutshell, Rehab India Foundation implemented the program successfully. Volunteers of Rehab distributed their contact numbers for any medical emergency. They also told other activities which will be soon unlock during Village Development Programme in Solva Village.

Rehab Organizes Health Camp in Hajjipara Village

Murshidabad: Incepted in 2008, Rehab India Foundation organized Health Camp under Village Development Project for deprived, marginalized and other weaker sections of Hajjipara Village in Behrampore Taluk of District Murshidabad, West Bengal dated on 27th November 2012.

50 patients got check-up, consultation and medicine by an experienced MBBS Doctor named Mustafa. He advised community people not to chew tobacco and smoke Bidi and Cigarette. He told harmful effects of chewing tobacco and smoking. 

Including, he advised to have balance diet like green vegetables and iron and protein rich diet. Children were motivated for their personal health and hygiene. 

Volunteers of Rehab generated awareness on cleaning of hands, cutting of nails, combing, cleaning of eyes and nose and other general tips for healthy life.

Overall, programme was greatly appreciated by old age and other community people.  People were happy and showed their full support for implementation of other programmes of Rehab India Foundation.

Rehab Organizes Health Camp in Kabilpur Village:

Murshidabad: Rehab India Foundation organized Health Camp for poor and neglected people of  Kabilpur Village in Sagor Dighi Taluk in Murshidabad District, West Bengal on 28th November 2012.

Forty patients got treatment of their ailment by an experienced MBBS Doctor named Musthafa. Mr. Mustafa advised community people to have nutritious food like green vegetables, egg, milk and seasonal fruits for healthy lifestyle. In addition, he consulted pregnant women to have iron rich diet such as beet root, carot, banana and other green leafy vegetables.

Including, Volunteers of Rehab India Foundation generated awareness on general and personal health and hygiene. Children were suggested to wash hands after coming from toilet and before having meal. Team Rehab also highlighted other major interventions of Organization which would be held under Village Development Project in Kabilpur Village. 

Spokespersons of Kabilpur Village appreciated the activities of 
Rehab and showed their full support for implementation of different welfare programmes of Rehab India Foundation. 

Friday, 23 November 2012

Rehab Fourth Phase relief Activities in Assam, 56,644 riot victims’ benefits

New Delhi : Rehab India Foundation distributed relief materials on 11th to 19th November  2012 to 56, 644 victims for the worth of  22,59,701 Rupees  in 58 refugee camps at Chirang , Dubri, Kokrajar & Berpata districts. in the fourth phase .

The Chairman of Popular Front of India E.M. Abdul Rahman had inaugurated the distribution of fourth phase relief materials on Sunday (11.11.12) to the riot affected victims at Chirang refugee camps in Assam. Previously, Rehab distributed  relief materials as baby food, Mosquito Net, Tarpaulin Sheet, Plastic Bucket and Mug, Cotton Sarees, Baby Dress and Candles, Food Plates etc  by three  phases had distributed to 23, 330 families.

Apart from that, a Mobile Medical Unit for the worth of Rs. 9.70 Lakhs also dedicated to the service of victims in the refugee camps of Assam.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Rehab Distributes 10.20 lakhs Relief Material in Assam

Guwahati: During forth phase interventions, Rehab India Foundation distributed 10.20 lakhs relief material to 25,462 victims of Assam disturbance located in 46 refugee camps on 12th and 13th Nov 2012.

 Distribution of Relief Material in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Phase:

In first phase, Rehab distributed immediate relief material. Volunteers of Rehab distributed baby food packets, gents cloths, ladies clothes and kids clothes, buckets and plates. In the Second Phase, volunteers did survey of 129 camps and distributed relief such as baby food packets, polythene bags, mosquito nets, candles, buckets, mugs, fuel, used and readymade clothes material worth Rs. 567000. However, in the third phase, Team rehab distributed new sarees, kids wear, itar, surma worth Rs. 546900 on the eve of Eid-ul-fitr

Fourth Phase Distribution:

During Forth Phase, already organization has spent 10 lakhs for distributing emergency relief material. On Monday, E. M. Abdul Rahman, Chairman of Popular Front of India joined hands with us and distributed relief material worth Rs. 1.85 lakhs to 4322 victims of four camps located in Chirang District.
On 12th and 13th Nov,  5,956 Pettycoats for Ladies, 4,670 Maxies for Teen age Girls, 8,956 Half Pants for Children and 5,886 T Shirts for Gents for the worth of Rs. 10.20 Lakhs have been distributed to 25, 462 victims in 46 camps at Chirang, Dubri and Kokrajar districts.

This apart, Rehab unveils mobile medical unit for victims of Ethnic Violence is Assam. Rehab has spent 9.70 lakhs for the Mobile Unit. 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Rehab Distributes Houses Keys to Assam Victims

Rehab India Foundation enters in Phase-II of Model Village Project and distributes 31 houses to the victims of ethnic violence in Assam

Chief of the Day, E. M. Abdul Rahman, Chairman of Popular Front of India unveiled   the second phase of Rehab Model Village Project in Rehab Model Village at Hapasara Gram Panchayat on Sunday dated Nov, 11, 2012.
 Appreciating relief work of Rehab India Foundation, Abdul Rahman handed over the first key of the house to Md. Jahangeer Ali, victim of communal riot occurred in BTAD in the year of 1994.  Later, 30 house keys were distributed to the other 30 selected families who were victims of Assam disturbance.
Meanwhile, Vice President of Rehab India Foundation A. Bashar explained that Model Village Project aims to facilitate low cost housing, quality education, livelihood opportunities and medical aid to the victims of Assam disturbance.
Adding to this, Rehab India Foundation initiated Model Village Project on May 2011. It has completed the Phase One of the initiative. During the first Phase, Rehab distributed 49 houses to the needy people. Among them, 23 families left the houses due to employment. Thus to end the migration of grieving families from the region, Rehab is planning to initiate self employment and SHG programmes in the region, thereby bringing financial stability in the households of the affected people. Altogether, Organization has distributed 60 houses to the deprived families in two phases.

Detailing of the programme, Rehab Assam Chapter President Inamuddin presided the function and Vice-President Dr. A. Bashar welcomed the gathering. Aimuna Khatun recited the Quran verses on this noble occasion. Popular Front Chairman E.M. Abdul Rahman delivered the key-note address emphasizing on the social values and inculcated sense harmony among the affected people. Hapasara Gram Panjayath President Mumtaz Begam, NCHRO National Secretary Adv. A. Mohamed Yusuff, All India Imams Council National Secretary A. Shahul Hameed Baqavi, Society for Total Empowerment of Minorities (STEM - Assam) Dr. Sheik Hazrath Ali Ahmed were also graces the occasion by their presence and addressed the gathering in function. Rehab Assam Chapter member Naushad Ali delivered vote of thanks and promised to the people to initiate holistic development of the region.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Rehab Unveils Mobile Health Unit

Rehab India Foundation initiated Mobile Medical Unit for marginalized, backward, downtrodden and neglected people of Assam

New Delhi, 10th Nov 2012: Chief of the Day, Dilip Bora, Gana Adhikar Daily Editor and Professor of Guwahati University inaugurated Rehab’s Mobile Medical Unit in Assam for providing the emergency service to riot hit victims residing in Relief Camps.

Abu Bashar, Vice President of Rehab India Foundation told that the aim of this well equipped Mobile Medical Unit with qualified Doctor and Nurse is to reach to the unreached people whom medical facility is not available.

Shading light over Relief Programme in Assam, 300 volunteers of Rehab are working on war footedly round the clock to help the victims who were driven out of their house. To facilitate basic amenities and legal aid to the victims, Rehab initiated Relief Programme. Rehab has completed third phase of the programme. Presently, they are involved in fourth phase distribution programme. One of the major initiatives is the Mobile Health Unit which they have achieved successfully. In this phase, they distribute undergarments and will facilitate legal aid to the victims of ethnic violence. Rehab India Foundation has spent around 50 lakhs and is planning to invest more.
This apart, Rehab is working on mega project titled Model Village in Assam. For the purpose, Rehab purchased 15 acres of land in Hapachara Village of Bongaigaon District of Assam and has started construction of 1000 cottages for the 24,000 refugees living in various camps of Assam since last 18 years. Under this project, we have constructed 60 low cost houses; among them 25 houses have been distributed to the needy families.  In Model Village, we have unlocked Medical Camps and Educare Programmes. We are also planning to initiate self employment programmes.