Monday, 25 November 2013

ACCESS India Resource Person Workshop

Professor CT Sulaiman Access Director, Mr. Mohammed Rafi PFI National Coordinator, Mr. Safarullah Khan Access North Coordinator, Dr. Abdul Wahab Access South Coordinator trained trainers of ACCESS India Programme who came from Manipur, Assam, W.B, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Bihar.

Rehab is going to start ACCESS INDIA programme in different states of India. ACCESS means ‘Advance Center for Career Education and Social Service’. It is basically a programme where every important aspect of life would be touched, be career counselling, guardian awareness, student orientation, etiquettes, communication skills or pre-marital and post-marital counselling. This programme will be implemented in remote areas directly by Rehab team or in partnership with NGOs working in the same location.
The two day workshop for training of resource persons were organized in the Rehab Head Office, Abul Fazal, Delhi. Total 16 resource persons/trainers participated.

On 23rd Nov, Dr. Wahab gave training on setting of goal and the role and responsibilities of a dynamic person for family and community as whole. Prof C T Sulaiman shed light over importance of communication skills for personal and professional life.

On 24th Nov, Mr. Rafi explained PFI initiatives for community development in India. He also told that how PFI and Rehab would work together to achieve set goal. Mr. Safarullah Khan discussed why there is the need of guardian awareness programme. He said that it is quite important to educate or facilitate counseling to parents to maintain/build good relationship between parents and children. 

Adolescent Group at 3 No Jaraguri

Rehab India Foundation in its endeavor to cultivate sense of dignity and empowerment among females has initiated a holistic campaign in few locations of Assam. As we think that women are the most significant pillars of a developed society. After a care full assessment of the needs of the community Rehab devised a multi-throng approach to achieve this goal. It also applied tools that suits the socio-economic & culture of the specific area through participatory approach. We encouraged the community to participate in the development process.

“From last few months, we are actively providing multiple support services to the people of 3 no jaraguri, Assam, be it educare, rehabilitation & counseling, awareness and healthcare support.  With the formation of Adolescent Group, we believe that more women feel empowered and will be involved in decision making process.” said Project Manager Sarvana Kumar.

On Nov 22, first meeting of Adolescent Group was well organised by Mr. Juber, Rehab MSW 1st year student. Total thirty five girls attended the programme. During the meeting, President and Secretary of the group were announced among the nominated candidates. 

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Moharram & Children’s Day Celebration at Assam

Lots of fun activities and programmes were organised on Children’s Day/Bal Divas and on Moharram at Model Village, Bongaigaon, Assam on Nov 15.

Total 325 participants (200 children, 75 women and 50 men) were joined the programme. Sit and stand competition was held and prizes were given to first three winners. All Pre-Primary children joined 50 meter race and prizes were given to winner and first and second runner-ups.L1 students (boys and girls) took part in races, long jumps, and Bum Pani.

As Moharram is the first month of Islamic Calendar and one of the four sacred months, along with Dhul Qa’dah, Dhul-Hijjah and Rajab, Rehab celebrated Muharram at Model Village. Diverse religious competitions were held such as Quran Recitation,  Kariat, Ghazal and best three rewarded with the prizes.

Mr. Hamid, Head Master in 400 No Nachunguri Government School shared importance of children’s day and said that Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru believed that future of India lies in children’s hand.

3 No. Jaraguri: To celebrate childhood and promote awareness about children’s welfare, Rehab celebrated Children’s Day at 3 No Jaraguri. 

85 children and 40 adults participated in various sports competitions such as running race, long jump, high jump, kabadi, classical dance and bihu dance.

Mr. Juber, 1st year student of MSW Scholarship Programme & teacher of 3 No Jaraguri conducted the programme with enthusiasm and confidence.

Mustafabad (Western U.P): Rehab celebrated Nov 14th- the day which is universally reserve for children to enjoy their childhood. The programme was managed by Nur Alam, 1st Year MSW student and Field Officer.

Students of Mustafabad Tuition Centre performed different activities, especially which they would like to do.  Some of them performed different skits, while few participated in Naat and Ghazal Competitions.
At the end of the programme, all the well performed students received prizes.