Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Economic Empowerment of Women at Delhi...

Mrs Firoza Khatoon
Jasola Vihar, Delhi

My name is Firoza Khatoon. I have four children; three girls and one boy. I and my husband have had to face many obstacles in our attempt to secure  resources for my family.

My husband is self-employed and generally earns Rs. 100 or Rs. 150 daily. He would like to expand this small business but due to lack of financial aid, he failed to do until visited Rehab India Foundation. My husband trained me to stitch women outfits professionally but I was not able to utilize my skills to support my family as having one sewing machine which was using by my husband.

My all the four children have been learning in Rehab Tuition Centre and one day Rehab teacher had a meeting and called us to share the progress of my children. During conversation, we shared our problems that we would like to expand in house business. He advised us to meet Project Manager. Later, we forwarded our requirement of paddled sewing machine and gone through a simple procedure to fill application form and submitted it with address proof. After few months, we had a call, they told that our request has approved and finally received sewing machine with warm welcome.

Thanks Rehab India Foundation that they accepted our request and provided me paddled sewing machine on interest free loan. I am happy that they have fixed easy monthly installments to repay loan according to my convenience.

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