Friday, 15 November 2013

Lets Your Child Know that U Care About their Progress…

Motivational dialogues were passed by In-charge of the programme, Nur Alam and he encouraged parents that they came forward to meet us to know the progress of their children studying in tuition center. He shared an outline of child’s progress and discussed that how their contribution is necessary to improve the progress of child constantly. “He asserted that parents have to create an environment to motivate children to learn. They need to tell motivational stories such as there was a good kid who got up in the morning, brushed teeth, took bath, had breakfast and went to school daily and etc. It’s my perception that motivational stories encourage children towards good act and they want to become same.” reported Nabid Hossain MSW 2nd Year Student.

Central Zone Project Manager with his team and support of students of the Rehab MSW Scholarship Programme arranged parents meeting at Mustafabad Village, Western U.P on Nov 17th 2013.

Akbar Ali, Student of MSW Programme & Chief Guest of the meet, held a session on economic development for all. He encouraged not only men but women also to start micro-businessess to improve the livelihood of family.

Altogether, programme was satisfactory. Rehab Team got applause by parents as few of them said that they were surprised to learn that Rehab team was equally anxious to meet with us.

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