Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Welcome to Salbari Colony

If you visit Bongaigoan, and find a congested colony where crowd of rack-pickers, labours, coolies and child labours running in hurry in the morning, then it is none other than Salbari Colony where 1000 families are living in a horrific manner.

Undoubtedly, ignorance, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment are the four main pillars of Salbari Colony which exclude it from the main city of Bongaigoan.

While enrolling 100 students in our tuition centre, we inaugurated Community Centre in Salbari Colony, but the truth is among 100 students, only 10 are going to School. The reason of dropouts is very simple and straight as poverty rate has crossed the line and priority has moved to earn not to learn.

As per the plan, Rehab India Foundation has started Community Centre to run Village Development activities. Initially, the preference is given to the education and initiated motivational dialogues with children and parents. Next move of Rehab will be economical development as maximum women and children are involved in rag-picking and men in coolie profession.

From the Core of Darkness...

What is the sin of 165 families living in the darkness of Joyma Camp? Are they Criminals, Bangladeshi Infiltrators or borne as MUSLIMS? Reasons are Many, Choice is Yours...

Joyma Camp is a small village reflecting the darkness and neglection of
society and a live proof of our tormented democracy. According to our constitution, everyone irrespective of caste, religion or region has right to education, right to food and right to privacy, but what is the reason of deprivation in Joyma Camp.  Why people are in so much threat that they do not want their land, capital or file a legal case against their loss.
The question, why are they not willing to go back and want to stay in this village where roof, proper sanitation and meal a challenge. For these people, home, education for children, safety for their women and enough money to feed their family is like a dream. And, they have some sort of believe that dream will not come true because our educated and well informed people still pre-categorized them as outsiders.  
Discussing role of media, the main aim is to maintain harmony and peace in our country. But, our media should realise that covering such location or revealing the problems of most vulnerable community or exposing the truth does not mean you are Anti-Nationalist or Pro-Muslims.
Looking forward:
As promised, Sarvana Kumar, Project Manager of Assam & Central Zone inaugurated Community Centre of Rehab India Foundation at Joyma Camp of Kokrajhar District, Assam on August 19, 2013.
Mr. Kumar shared his concern and said, “I am very much disappointed that these people are living in a miserable condition. Our team tried to convince to go back to their home, but they are not willing to move. As per need and requirement, Rehab India Foundation has planned to run Village Development Programme under fifth phase of Calamity Relief Programme and will try their best to touch all the necessary development programmes be it education, health or economic development. To add to it, we are happy to share that as part of educare, total 60 children have enrolled in L0 & L1.”

Friday, 23 August 2013

Stay Healthy…

Bongaigoan (Assam):  Around 10% of world population live with disability and has been increasing due to different reasons, problems and circumstances. Unfortunately, according to UNDP, 80% persons with disability are living in developing country. Contrarily, UNICEF reported that 30% of street youth have some kind of disability. 

Coming forward to Assam, the disability among women, youth, children and old age are related to ethnic violence. People have developed some sort of fear; do not want to go back and ready to survive in a vulnerable condition.

Only mental disability is not the concern of Rehab, because the percent of physically disabled are quite high and increasing as population is increasing.

Observing such condition, Rehab started Model Village in Bongaigoan, Assam, distributed 45 houses and running different welfare programmes. 

Keeping eyes over increasing number of mentally and physically disabled persons in Bongaigoan, we started a group for mentally and physically disabled persons at Rehab Model Village on August 20, 2013.
The group includes 11 members who have been suffering from mental and physical disorder. 

What We Promise, We Do

Bongaigoan (Assam): Ismail Seikh, Ex-Chairman of Gram Panchayat Somobaisomity inaugurated Community Centre of Rehab India Foundation at 3 No Jaraguri Primary School of Hapachara Gram Panchayat, Bongaigaon District, Assam on August 21, 2013.

Seventy five students, two teachers, nine village leaders, twenty five village people, two new community teacher and two Rehab staff participated in the programme. Total 115 individual attended the programme. 

“We are very much happy that Rehab observe miserable condition of these people and take a decision to develop 3 No Jaraguri Village and establish community centre as they promised during the inauguration of phase Vth of Assam Calamity Relief Programme in June.” ,said Ismail Seikh by cutting the Red Rebbon.  

Uddhab Choudhry Roy, Asstt. Teacher in Jaraguri Primary School sheered his concern over right to education among Minority. He told that according to Planning Commission Report, 90% of Muslim students drop out by the time they reach high school. And the reason is not that Muslims do not want to study but happening due to lack of resources.
Altogether programme was successfully conducted. Community persons appreciated Rehab efforts and shared their ideas to develop village.