Thursday, 22 August 2013

Giving Voice to Unreached…

Abul Fazal (DELHI):  Honorable Chief Guest E.M Abdur Rahman formally
inaugurated the training session of Journalism and Mass Communication programme on Tuesday, August 20, 2013 at 9.30 am.

While interacting with the students, Mr. Rahman said, “People want to become journalist for different motives be it the desire to write, to known, to influence and for knowledge.  Media plays vital role either to unite and or to enlarge differences between communities, so the right thing is to disseminate correct information to the people.” To, add to it, he also discussed the types of journalism and medium of mass communication like print, audio and visual.

Including, he also expressed, Journalist should have interest in current affairs, able to speak clearly and fluently, and ability to write in concise manner which is easy to understand, listening and observational skill and having excellent general knowledge.  

Discussing role and importance of media, one of the students Md. Alam said, “Media role is quite important to develop the healthy society by showing right picture of covered and uncovered events.”

Next session was taken by Afsel Chandrakandy, General Secretary of Rehab India Foundation.  He discussed the Ist Semester syllabus of MJMC. While encouraging students, Mr. Chandrakandy said, “Every student will try to get maximum knowledge and will become master in their interested areas be it research reporting, investigative reporting, political reporting, sports reporting or photography. Rehab will provide its full support to the students.”

Mr. Safarullah Khan, Project Coordinator said, “Development of our country is directly linked to the development of all communities,
especially minority….Presently media is more developed and having additional freedom, but unfortunately Accuracy is missing from A-B-C of Journalism. Now one community and religion has targeted globally that is Muslim and Islam which is portraying as aggressive, threatening, supportive of terrorism,  and unresponsive to change, so this is our duty to provide right information to the people that every religion either Islam, Christianity or Hinduism spread the word of love and unity. And, evil act of one person or group must not be linked to the particular religion.”

Musarrat Warsi, HR/PR Manager gave presentation on role and importance of Journalism and Mass Communication. Anjum Naim, Editor India Next shared his valuable experience with the students.

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