Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Welcome to Salbari Colony

If you visit Bongaigoan, and find a congested colony where crowd of rack-pickers, labours, coolies and child labours running in hurry in the morning, then it is none other than Salbari Colony where 1000 families are living in a horrific manner.

Undoubtedly, ignorance, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment are the four main pillars of Salbari Colony which exclude it from the main city of Bongaigoan.

While enrolling 100 students in our tuition centre, we inaugurated Community Centre in Salbari Colony, but the truth is among 100 students, only 10 are going to School. The reason of dropouts is very simple and straight as poverty rate has crossed the line and priority has moved to earn not to learn.

As per the plan, Rehab India Foundation has started Community Centre to run Village Development activities. Initially, the preference is given to the education and initiated motivational dialogues with children and parents. Next move of Rehab will be economical development as maximum women and children are involved in rag-picking and men in coolie profession.

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