Monday, 25 November 2013

ACCESS India Resource Person Workshop

Professor CT Sulaiman Access Director, Mr. Mohammed Rafi PFI National Coordinator, Mr. Safarullah Khan Access North Coordinator, Dr. Abdul Wahab Access South Coordinator trained trainers of ACCESS India Programme who came from Manipur, Assam, W.B, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Bihar.

Rehab is going to start ACCESS INDIA programme in different states of India. ACCESS means ‘Advance Center for Career Education and Social Service’. It is basically a programme where every important aspect of life would be touched, be career counselling, guardian awareness, student orientation, etiquettes, communication skills or pre-marital and post-marital counselling. This programme will be implemented in remote areas directly by Rehab team or in partnership with NGOs working in the same location.
The two day workshop for training of resource persons were organized in the Rehab Head Office, Abul Fazal, Delhi. Total 16 resource persons/trainers participated.

On 23rd Nov, Dr. Wahab gave training on setting of goal and the role and responsibilities of a dynamic person for family and community as whole. Prof C T Sulaiman shed light over importance of communication skills for personal and professional life.

On 24th Nov, Mr. Rafi explained PFI initiatives for community development in India. He also told that how PFI and Rehab would work together to achieve set goal. Mr. Safarullah Khan discussed why there is the need of guardian awareness programme. He said that it is quite important to educate or facilitate counseling to parents to maintain/build good relationship between parents and children.