Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pre-primary School at Gourhar, U.P

Early childhood education is one of the most important public policy options to improve equality of opportunity within a society. It is therefore important that participation in pre-primary education should include children from the poorest and least education sections of society. (Quoted by UNICEF)

Recognizing high quality education early in life gives children the best start, Rehab India Foundation unlocked Pre-primary School for poor and deprived children at Rehab Community Centre, Gourhar Village, Uttar Pradesh dated on March 2nd, 2013.

Sajid, Rehab Project Manager said, “It is the building block of child’s elementary education and helps in laying down a healthy foundation for the all-round development of child.” This apart, presently 25 children of poor families have joined the classes to learn basics in maths, science, reading, writing, social studies and more. 


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  2. Thanks Nilima for your appreciation. I am also glad to share with you that we have also unlocked Pre-primary School in Assam for poor children.

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