Monday, 17 November 2014

School Kit Distribution 2014

Each child born in this vast and complex country should get the best start in life, thrives and develops to his or her full potential. Education is not a want, it is a necessity. Rehab India Foundation is serving the poor and needy through its various programs and activities. “Education is the movement from darkness to light”. 
Acknowledging the paramount importance of education, Rehab India Foundation has already established free Tuition Centres, to make less privileged children competent enough to compete with the privileged. It is for young students who perform poorly in their academics and dropouts at the primary level and end up as laborers. It provides support for students to enroll in Tuition Centers to pursue their passion and bring out their talents. Rehab India Foundation nurtures school children in the remotest parts of Assam, West Bengal etc. where the families are very poor and underprivileged and cannot afford to spend on the basic things needed for their child’s education. We disbursed School stationery Kits to the underprivileged children of economically weaker section. School Stationery Kit consists of School bag with 5 Note books and Pencil box with Pen, Pencil, Scale, Sharpener and Eraser.

Jasola, Delhi: On 11.09.2014, a number of 60 poor students received the School kits disbursed by us in Jasola Tuition Centre in Delhi. Mr. Muhammed Jabir MM -Rehab Student Coordinator, Mr. Rahees-Area President, PFI, Shaheenbagh, Mr. Vakeel-PFI, Mr. Wasim - Division secretary, PFI, Jamia Nagar, Mr. Jiaul Haque- MSW student, Mr.Shaik Kamaluddin- MSW Field officers, Mr. Nauman-Rehab Secretary and Mr. Osama-Teacher, Jasolla Educare, were present during the distribution. Mr. Muhammed Jabir, Project Coordinator delivered speech on the value of education and also explained the activities of Rehab India Foundation. Mr. Rahees gave orientation to the parents as well as students. The program was well organized and successful.
Joyma, Assam: School kits were disbursed in Joyma of Assam on 26.06.2014. Mr. Juber Ahmed- Assam-In-Charge, Abdul Salam-Commmunity-In-Charge, Rafijul - Techician, Kadar- Community Leader, Shobanam and Boopan-Community Teachers, were present during the distribution. 

Salbari, Assam: On 27.06.2014, School Kits were distributed in Salbari of Assam. Totally 140 students of the backward community received the school kits. Mr. S. Saravana Kumar, Project Manager advised the children that "Each child must have an ambition in his/her life & must work hard towards achieving the ambition".
Model Village, Assam: The school kits were disbursed in the Model village of Assam on 02.07.2014. The program was started with the opening prayer by Mr. Abdul Salam. 200 kits were distributed to the students belonging to the economically weaker section. Mr. S.Saravana Kumar - Project Manager, Abdul Salam-community organiser, Shara Banu and Roshida – Community teachers were present during the distribution. Mr. S. Saravana Kumar elucidated that, the purpose of the distributing school kits is to motivate & encourage rural students. 

Rehab India Foundation strives to bridge the gap between the underprivileged students and education by overcoming the barriers in acquiring it. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. With the firm belief that the educated mind alone can not only eliminate the social evils but also aid in the socio-economic upbringing of the society. We work toward providing appropriate learning opportunities to the rural populace who do not otherwise have access to education and helping the underprivileged children in attaining their right to knowledge and quality education. Rehab India Foundation provides a platform for better learning and brightening our tomorrow.

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