Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Join Hands to Build a Safe & Disaster resilient Assam…

June 13th, 2013: Mr. Jalerwar. Deka, Assistant Civil Defence Controller-Bongaigoan inaugurated Civil Defence Training Programme at Rehab Model Village, Bongaigoan District, Assam. 

The Programme was organized to tackle the situation of flood as it continues to cause damage year after year. Function was organised for the residence of Assam Model Village and people of nearby areas and was followed by the practical explanation &demonstration on disaster preparedness such as flood accident, earth quake, fire accidents, general accident on roads, snake bit, kitchen accident like gas leakage, electric - short circuit & first aid.

While explaining that India is the second most flood affected Country, Mr. Deka said trained manpower is necessary to deal before, during and after the disaster. Trained people can quickly control the situation and rehabilitate the affected people. He added, "This year flood left around 22 lakh people in misery, cause extensive damage  of property & Livestock and degradation of agricultural soil. In Assam, the flood condition is critical and enormous. People should learn flood management mechanism so that they will move quickly for actions". 

Total, 96 people participated in the programme and learn appropriate use of bamboo when flood knock the door. They learn how to defense when someone attack on them and make ready first aid box for the emergency.  

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