Monday, 24 June 2013

Go Green…

June 5th, 2013:“Deforestation and increasing pollution are the major concern of these days. Although Assam is blessed by natural beauties of streams, forests and mountains, yet some greedy people started depleting it day by day for their vested interest”, said Gaju Rahman, Assistant Project Manager of Assam Model Village during the celebration of World Environment Day.

June 5th considers as World Environment Day and first celebration began in 1973. Now, the Day has become one of the main vehicles to spread awareness of environment issues at regional, National and International level be it climate change, global warming, disaster, harmful gases, or pollution. 

On World Environment Day, Rehab India Foundation personalizes environmental issues at Rehab Model Village at Hapasara Gram Panchayat in Manikpur Block, Bongaigoan District Assam. Team Rehab tried to realize people that keeping environment cleaner, greener and brighter is the responsibility of everyone and corrective measures should be taken by individuals to tackle environmental challenges.

Different topics were discussed on the occasion. One of the major topics was importance of environment in Islam and Hinduism and it was led by Imam Abdus Salam. 

Twenty five Titasha plants were planted by the volunteers and villagers at Rehab Model Village. Boys youth group and students of pre-primary school actively participated on the day. Chocolates were distributed to the Pre-primary children. Altogether, 113 individuals energetically participated.  

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