Friday, 3 May 2013

Unveils Career Path

To provide students and parents with the best information and knowledge to plan future careers, Rehab India Foundation offered a range of Career Guidance Programmes at Nandavaram Village and Nizamudheen Colony, Andhra Pradesh dated on April 29th   and 30th , 2013.

The programme was designed in such a way that maximum students would be able to receive the benefits. The counselor Shaik Khadar and Khadar Muhammad ensured students receiving important information about academic performance, post high school options, career exploration and financial aid in curriculum choices.

During the sessions, parents and students got opportunity to understand about the courses and institutions available in India for higher studies related with medical, engineering, journalism, sports, biotechnology, BCA, civil service, etc, and the fee structure as well. At Nandavaram Village, twenty five students attended the programme, while twenty eight students some parents were also attended the programme at Nizamudheen Colony.

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