Friday, 10 May 2013

Obituary: Dr. M S Jayaprakash

Please be informed that Prof. M S Jayaprakash, Trustee Rehab India Foundation passed away on Friday, May 10th, 2013 at Kollam, Kerala.

He was a tireless professor, active social worker and trusted Trustee of Rehab India Foundation who always made efforts to give voice to least able in the society.

Let us pray for the eternal repose of his soul and for his family who is in deep sorrow and grief.


  1. My condolences to his family. May they find in themselves the courage with which Dr. Jayaprakash faced the world, to tide over this loss. Abdul Wahid Sait.

  2. Its a very sad and shocking news. Day before yesterday i talked to him and he said he is not well suffering from cardiac problem

  3. And, i could not imagine that it would happen to him

  4. Deep condolence in his demise... He was one of the great teachers I have met, his keen observation on history was novel.