Friday, 31 October 2014

Partners Visit in the Model Village

Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care. However, there are people who lack housing because they cannot afford or unable to maintain a regular, safe shelter.

To give shelter for the victims of natural calamity and ethnic violence, Rehab India Foundation inaugurated the Rehab Model Village at Hapasara in Bongaigoan District in the state of Assam. This Model Village being our dream project is built with the vision that everyone should be educationally sound, access to health and employment. After losing their homes, families and hopes Rehab supported them by providing basic amenities. They were given free medicines, education, Ifthar food kits, Qurbani foot kits etc. The villagers were given interest free loans with which they indulge themselves in occupations like agriculture, cattle rearing etc. The children of the village were given free education, through which drop out were eliminated to a great extent. More four villages were identified for this project and the same standard will be replicated there. All the necessary aspects such as education, health and economic development will be given importance.

When the Rehab Model Village was paid a visit by the Government PHC Doctors and staff on 10th of September 2014, they were taken around the Model village visit by the Rehab Medical team. The Government medical team had interaction with few common folks and also visited the Rehab Medical Centre.

An awareness session was held at the Rehab community centre. Dr. (Mr) Hameed said about the importance of health & hygiene. He also stressed on cleanliness factors such as washing hands with soap before food, which has to be practiced in our daily routine

This was followed by Mr.Nur Md. He laid emphasis on the importance of controlling mosquitoes by keeping our surroundings clean. He even said about the dangerous effect of the various diseases that is caused due to the mosquitoes.

The Govt. medical team also interacted with the children and parents. Besides, the team organized a medical checkup to the people.

Finally, Mr. Saravana Kumar, Project Manager, interpreted about Rehab and their upcoming projects. The visitors were astonished and amazed on how Rehab has changed the lives of people whose lives were full of sorrow and grieve. The visitors were impressed. They appreciated and encouraged the Rehab team for their efforts and service. They further encouraged them to continue their endeavors.

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