Friday, 31 October 2014

Loan Distribution in Nizamuddin Colony

                                                      ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT

The first important task for a society is to maintain itself. There must be proper food, clothing, shelter and education for its members. To satisfy all these necessities and improve their standard of living, the people of the society need a standard income. Many people in the rural region have no sufficient financial income to support their family and satisfy their basic needs. There are many difficulties and obstacles faced by the poor people in their day-to-day living. They need a source of income to placate them. The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm. It is not easy to take up a business; there are various problems which have to be overcome resolutely. Skills and monetary factors are very imperative in a business. Some people though they have skill and interest, they doesn’t have favorable environment to utilize their talents.

“Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of Human Beings”- Nelson Mandela. In order to remove poverty, Rehab India Foundation has started its initial preparations for the outset of Economic Development Programme which is well organized and planned in order to uplift the economic standing of the people.

In Nizamudhin Colony of Andhra Pradesh, the Loan distribution programme was planned proportionately by the South Zone Project Manager, Mr. Insafudeen. The loan was distributed after several processes.

Step 1: Rehab Loan Programme has been announced through our tuition center and Masjid, through which we received 64 loan applications from the women of backward sector, who struggles for their daily living.

Step 2: Meeting was organized at the Community Center for the applicants by Rehab South Zone Project Manager Mr. Insafuddin and the field officers Mr. Mohammed Yasir, Mr.Sadagar Ali, Mr. Ajnas and Mr. Mubeen Basha on 20th April 2014, in which the Rules and Regulation of Rehab Credit system was explained and which in turn was agreed by them to act accordingly.

Step 3: On 23rd April 2014, each beneficiary was interviewed individually and preceded by checking their needs and applications by Rehab Project Manager and Field Officer.

Step 4: Rehab Field Officer verified personally the Socio-Economic conditions and address of the applicants by visiting their homes.

Step 5: Rehab officials chose 24 women on 27th April 2014 from most poor background who has skills and talents to start up small business such as petty shops, embroidery work etc.

Step 6: Finally, Rehab organized a meeting for the 24 selected applicants, configured them into two groups namely Jasmin and Rose, with 12 members in each and furthermore a leader and repeated our rules and regulation once again.

Step 7: Attendance, Commitment and Honesty of the selected applicants were analyzed after two week of continuous meetings.

Step 8: The loan amount of Rs. 7000/- each were provided to the selected applicants.

On 14th June 2014, Employment Development Programme was successfully inaugurated in the presence of Mr. Obaidullah - Rtd Head master, Mr. Khader, Mr. Easa, Mr. Nazeer - Ex-Counsellor of Nizamudhin Colony and Shiksha Vali. The predominant ambition of inaugurating this Economic Development Programme is to provide interest free loan and micro finance which in turn will be useful in the Economic development, Poverty alleviation and Women’s empowerment. The objective of this project is to start, promote, assist and carry on socio - economic, educational and employment programmes for the welfare and development of women, youth and children who are economically poor, unemployed.

Mr. Insafudin, Project manager, South zone of Rehab India Foundation, addressed about Rehab's activities in various fields of development and explained in detail about the Economic Development Programme, loan and repayment of loan, formation of Self Help Groups etc. He also explained about how these Self Help Groups will be trained on various job skills such as glass painting, cooking and catering, advance training in garment production and embroidery, tailoring etc. Basic literacy programmes are also conducted to ensure that all the members of the Self Help Group have the basic knowledge to write or sign their name. He also described about Rehab's aim on abolishing poverty all over India especially in the villages. Rehab has adopted number of villages in West Bengal, Delhi, Rajasthan, Assam, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Andra Pradesh and strives for the economic and educational development of the marginalized communities.

Loan amount of Rs. 7000/- each was distributed for various jobs such as Pappad making, Tailoring, Retail shop establishing etc.
These interest free loans are given to the deserving people of underprivileged society. Instead of worrying about getting a job and low salary, with this they are able to support themselves and their families.

We single out the most deserving people and help them to start up their own business with which they can earn a living through their own labor and small business. They can be self reliant and can support their family economically. They organize to build their own strength and meet challenges.

We work to bring changes in the lives of underprivileged people. These initiatives of the Rehab India Foundation go a long way in enhancing the lives of people in rural areas. We, the team of Rehab India Foundation, stand to achieve our goal of promoting development and sustainable livelihoods empowering people throughout the backward and rural region to reach out and improve their standard of living with our best possible services and support.

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