Thursday, 23 October 2014

Parents Meeting in Talera Community Center

“A Child without Education is like a bird without wings”. There are many reasons for children for not going to school. They may have to walk a long distance to school, they may not have food to eat at home, and there might be no teacher and so on. Cost is one of the major obstacles of education. Many children go through life without gaining a proper education due to parents sending children to work in an attempt to bolster and supplement the household income. 

Talera, Rajasthan: It is necessary to bring awareness among the parents on the importance of educating their children. We conducted Parents Meeting and discussed with them regarding their ward’s regularity to the tuition centre. There were 13 parents participated in the meeting. Rehab Central Zone’s Field Officers, Mr. Kamaluddin and Mr. Nur Alam were also present.

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