Saturday, 20 July 2013

Employment Oriented Training in Tailoring

Vallinokkam (Tamil Nadu): As economic development is one of the main pillars of Village Development Programme at Vallinokkam, Insaffudheen South Zone Project Manager started employment oriented training in tailoring on June 25, 2013.

Inaugurated by Mr. Vaisul Khan, Retired Post Officer, the programme was especially designed for women and adolescent girls in coastal Vallinokkam Village of Ramnadpuram District. Under this three month training, trainees will learn measurement, drafting, cutting and stitching of children and women outfits.

Twenty trainees are selected and one teacher has appointed to give training to the beneficiaries. All the necessary equipment like peddler swing machine, board, raw material, chalk etc has bought and facilitated.

Insaffudheen said, “We have taken assurance from three manufacturing companies that they will give employment to the brilliant trainees.”  Altogether, 40 community people participated.

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