Thursday, 4 April 2013

Cultural Programme: A Complete Package for Holistic Development

Andhra Pradesh: Poverty leads to various problems. It can limit children to learn and parents to encourage their children to go to school. Even in Schools, we can find, poor children lack confidence, defeat in eyes, lower motivation, behaviour problem and many other things.

Realising competence in arts and cultural act as a protective factor for children against emotional and behavioural problems, Rehab India Foundation organized cultural programme for poor students and drop outs of Nizamudheen Colony, Andhra Pradesh on March 11, 2013.

During the programme, children delivered speeches and performed different art forms. On the day, one of the village spokesperson said, “This is not only spreading the message of education, but an excellent way to preserve and promote local culture as a means of holistic development.”

On the occasion, Insaffudheen Project Manager said, “art and cultural programmes stimulate children mind and a unique way to build healthy society which promote individual, family, group and village growth and encourage development.” 

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