Thursday, 3 October 2013

What a dilemma!

The persons who sacrificed to brighten our future are forced by us to get out from our lives when they grow old…

In this so-called modern society, everything has reserved. The clear idea has shown by our younger generation that how they dub their elder by rejecting them as old-fashioned. Without any regret majority among us crush emotions, sentiments and disrespect honour and dignity of parents and grand parents.

Thanks God for our Government of India, some private and nonprofit institutions that they have started working for old-age homes otherwise maximum poor parents and grand pas would have to live on the street. Even, we should appreciate our Indian culture that at least we have been learning from our childhood to respect elders by choice or by forcefully. Otherwise, majority would not hesitate to say goodbye to parents because they are not comfortable to return little bit to them.

Listen! Among many non profit organizations, Rehab is one of them. It aims to sensitise the youth where it is active and one of the prime location is the Model Village in Assam where recently it has celebrated Elderly Day.

Rehab celebrated Elder Day at Rehab Model Village in Assam. Total 73 parents and grand parents participated. They arranged to realise the beauty of their time-the beauty of their culture, values and norms. They were called to experience their lost respect and power when they were supposed to be the head of their family.

Different competitions were organised to entertain them. During Ghazal competitions, five participants from each group participated enthusiastically in the programme. And, quiz competition was organised between both the groups. At the end, prizes were distributed to the winners.

Interacting with Mr. Saravana Kumar, Project Manager, he said, “The programme was organised to listen oldage people. They have lot of things which they would like to share but due to neglection they have glued their lips. But this is our duty to sensitise our people that if you are doing wrong with their parents then they have to be ready for their turn because their kids will learn from their behaviour.”

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