Thursday, 18 October 2012

Rehab India foundation distributed Interest free Loan to ‘ Padosi’(Self help group ) members of Anandpeta Village at Guntur, A.P

Guntur, Oct 2012: Rehab India Foundation in its initiative to improve the livelihood of the marginalized section of society distributed interest free loan to Padosi (SHG ) members. It aims to improve economic condition of deprived, economically poor and marginalized women under Rehab’s Economic Development Project.

During the occasion, among 15 members of Padosi SHG, six members received interest free loan costs INR 7500. Loan was distributed initiating micro enterprise like Petty Shop, Vegetable Corner and Tailoring Shop so that they can have excess to better life for their family especially children.

They were encouraged towards the habit of saving by making them aware about savings & its significance keeping in mind about the expansion of the micro-enterprise.

Insafuddeen, South Zone Manager explained other projects of Rehab running in different States of India. Muhammad Asif, Field Surveyor advised on different aspect of micro-enterprise to the participating beneficiary initiating the micro business. To add to it, he stressed upon improving the living standard by inculcating behavioral changes towards savings & most importantly sending their children to school irrespective of their gender.

Later on, Hafiz Abid Husain welcomed SHG members attending Moral Class for better lifestyle. It was told that how they should behave with their parent, husband and children. They were taught about the importance of social work in the Islam and what are the duties towards neighbour.

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